Ovidware is a company specialised in providing software solutions to support your business needs.

Ready Made Solutions

In order to do this we have developed ready-to-deploy solutions for different kinds of businesses. These enable your business to start getting the benefits of your investment as soon as purchase is made. Among the software solutions we have are:

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Custom Solutions

We also work with businesses to develop custom solutions where required. We have the capacity to develop mobile apps, desktop applications , websites and USSD applications. In this regard we have had the privilege of working with Zambezi Juice, Ulimi Connect and Ekhaya Tech in turning their ideas into working market ready products.


Another area of expertise we have is with system integrations. If you require your system to communicate with other systems e.g. mobile money systems, remote databases, reporting systems etc. We can help with the technical aspects of these integrations and do the implementation.


For more information, a consultation or quotation please reach out to us on one of the following:

Email: info@ovidware.com

Phone: +260 978 981 877